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Modern wall clock made of wood and epoxy – green blue

Modern wall clock made of wood and epoxy – green blue

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A modern unique piece that shows more than just the time.

This handcrafted wall clock is made of high quality wood, assembled with green-blue epoxy resin. The clock mechanism is silent and perfectly fits the style of the clock. There is a handy hanger on the back, so it is very easy to attach it on the wall. In addition to the ideal dimensions (diameter 30 cm, thickness 1 cm), the clock also has a low weight of approx. 1 kg.

As wood being a natural material, the color and structural properties of our products may vary. We are also happy to personalize it for you. To do this, fill in our Contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Walnut wood & Epoxy resin

Clock shafts made of light metal


Diameter: 30cm

Thickness: 1cm

Weight: ca. 1kg

Since each product is unique, there may be slight dimensional deviations ( +/- %)

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  • Environmental protection is extremely important to us. That's why we try to keep the impact on nature as low as possible at everything we do. Each product is unique and handmade We combine traditional wood processing methods with the latest technology and

  • use 100% green electricity. The surfaces of our products are also only treated with natural oils. We also try to use as little plastic as possible and use shipping boxes made from recycled material.