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Whiskey glass holder & ashtray

Whiskey glass holder & ashtray

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This holder for the cigar and the whiskey glass is a very elegant eye-catcher. It can also be used as a single holder by simply puzzling the holder apart. The holder is available in both light and dark wood tone.

Please note that wood is a natural material and therefore also color and structural properties of the individual products may vary.



Length: ca. 1 m

Width short side: ca. 40 cm

Width long side: ca. 70c m

Height: ca. 80 cm

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  • Environmental protection is extremely important to us. That's why we try to keep the impact on nature as low as possible at everything we do. Each product is unique and is handmade. We combine traditional wood processing methods with the latest technology and

  • use 100% green electricity. The surfaces of our products are also only treated with natural oils. We also try to use as little plastic as possible and use shipping boxes made from recycled material.